Our mission is ‘To Help 3500 Fitness Business Owners make their Dreams a Reality by 2024’

My Training Wheels…

This is where I learnt how to run a fitness business…

‘Coastal Bodies’ was a small boutique personal training studio in Sydney’s eastern beaches.

I had no idea on how to run a business and it took me several years to build it into a profitable studio.

In 2018, we were doing well over $500K in revenue out of 110 sqm and I was only working a few hours per week.

After 10 years, I successfully sold the business, and I am proud to say it still operates today.

My Big Boy Bike…

In 2009, I co-founded the ‘Functional Training Institute’, a global education company that educates coaches so they can become amazing technicians and deliver amazing results.

It operates in 16 different countries and has educated well over 5000+ coaches.

This is where I learnt how to lead big teams, build information products, and grow a brand.

In 2021, I sold that business to focus on coaching fitness business owners to greater

The Real Deal

Once a gym owner, always a gym owner.

Momentum 360, a gym in Sydney’s shire was born.

However, that business operates completely independent of me, and I merely use it as a lab to test strategies and tactics for our members.

The central focus is growing our coaching programs, the Inner Circle and Elite.

These remarkable communities have helped countless people open and expand their facility, realise financial freedom and build incredible teams.

Our Values

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