What Fitness Profit’s Clients Say

“Since joining the Elite program, I’ve 20x my overall revenue. I’m paying myself a great salary. I spend time with my young family which is the main reason for getting into the business.”

“I’m working ON the business not IN the business. I’m really grateful that we joined the program. Dan has been very forthcoming in his time, Jen is my coach and she is an absolute legend!”

“Joining the program is the best thing I’ve ever done! I’ve got so much clarity with what I’m doing. It completely changed my business, changed my life. It’s just such a great community, great group of people”

“You need to join Elite because there is nothing comparable to it. The team are real, honest people with real life experience. They’re one of me. You will learn so much from the people in the group. I will come just for the network, it’s worth every cent.”

“Our business and life has transformed dramatically. We’ve just doubled our membership and our revenue. If  you’re thinking about joining the program, just do it the only thing you’re gonna regret is that you didn’t do it earlier.”

“What I enjoy most about the Elite program is being around other business owners. It’s so great to be able to collaborate with other people who have done more than I’ve done in business and who have had the same problems that I’m having now.”

“We’ve gone from a hobby boot camp in the park with a couple of people to now having the impact of 175 people weekly. I would probably helped hundreds of people change their lives and their mindset.”

“The results I’ve seen from the Elite program is going from a little boot camp outdoors to having your own facility, successful members, a great community and a business which is just growing from strength to strength.”

“I think what I enjoy the most about is actually having answers to my questions. It’s been really reassuring that we we’re really in the right place and our investment that we’re investing into this program is already coming back to us.”

” The result that I have seen in my business is phenomenal! I’ve got better systems now, better structures. The business has grown in terms of members and the retention has been better since I’ve joined their league.”

“We’ve doubled the growth of our business and that’s within a pretty short amount of time. I recommend this program to any business owner. It’s fantastic for anyone looking for a community as well.”

“I’ve got more confidence in running my business. The basics in terms of knowing how to do a Facebook ad better, knowing how to build my team better, knowing how to run my business in a more efficient way. I would recommend Elite program to any fitness business owner.”

“The results I’ve seen from Elite program is better structure that saves me more time so I can actually provide more value to my partner and to my teams.  It allowed me to stop being the choke hold of the business so it allowed others to step into new roles to become better leaders.”

“Five months since joining I have increased from approximately 75 clients to up to 138 as of today. I’m stoked with the progress that I’m making and I’m just really looking forward to taking it to the next level again this year. Elite program has given me accountability and a really great community to work with.”

“I enjoy just learning so much every single day. I have grown 10 fold, hundred fold since joining for about a year ago now. I’d recommend the elite program for any business who just lost direction and find themselves going around in circles. It allows me to build the business and take it to where I wanna be.”

“My business is just flourishing! What I enjoy most about the elite program is everyone is welcoming and supportive. There’s a great sense of community.”

What an incredible weekend!!!! My 2nd immersion but first face to face. Some absolute amazing speakers I learnt so much. But I also really enjoyed all the connections I made with people in between and at the dinner and the discussions we had. Thanks Daniel Henderson Gaz and the rest of the team of organisers and speakers and all the coaches for putting on a fab event.
Kristy Jackson

BOOM.. 3 days of knowledge bombs, clarity and brain explosions.

5th year in this fitness business coaching program and I still walk away from these 3 day immersions with more motivation, clearer direction and burning excitement to level up!

Thank you Daniel for masterminding this program and leading a phenomenal team, this truly is an Elite Alliance.

Kim Peachey
Celebrating the wins with my team this week! New focus and new energy has helped but we have 12 LBE’s booked for consults this week and have 4/4 sign up so far after initial consult!

Thanks to this group for keeping the spark alive even when juggling so much in my personal life. Cheers guys!! Hope you’re having a great hump day.

Kristy Geddes
Loving the journey this year Dan in the Game Changer program. The penny dropped for me in January this year whilst doing a weekend goal setting workshop and I came to the realisation that although I have the drive and determination to “do the work necessary” I do not have a driven team surrounding me, supporting me, and giving me a kick up the butt when I need it, now I have that. What you are facilitating this year in the Game Changer Program is exactly what I need and it will continue to reward me at least 10-fold in the years to come
Mathew Skate