Want to burst through plateaus and really, truly grow your business?

Finally, an answer that isn’t just

“hustle more, grind harder”

What if there was a way you could…

  • Generate 10+ leads per week consistently
  • Feel at ease, comfortable and in control of every sales call
  • Effortlessly position your product or service so you stand out from the crowd
  • Build scalable offers that you can easily use to grow your business 10x

What would something like this do for your business?

How great would it feel to…

  • Be a part of a tribe of likeminded entrepreneurs?
  • Serve more people, making more money – in less time?
  • Become a master of your time?
  • Be the success you were born to be?

That’s exactly what Dan Henderson & his team of experts help you do inside of Accelerate.

A Sneak Peak Behind the Curtain

Inside Accelerate, you’re going to find that things are much better than they are out there!

You’ll get:

  • 1:1 coaching from a highly successful gym owner
  • Direct access to ‘The Vault (our treasure trove of marketing and sales trainings)’
  • Group coaching calls with other growth minded fitness business owners
  • Weekly accountability
  • Access to our face-to-face mastermind workshops

The things that got you to your current plateau won’t help you reach the next level. That’s why it’s so critical to be in a group of peers who are working hard (and smart) to achieve the results they KNOW are possible.

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