It really depends on two major factors: Your Mindset and Strategy.

If you anticipate suspensions, cancellations, and a sales slump, you might inadvertently manifest these into reality.

Conversely, embracing an abundant mindset and being open to lucrative opportunities sets the stage for a remarkable month.

The strategic aspect is equally crucial. Adapting your business approach in the next 6 weeks is the key to capitalising on December.

Tailoring your marketing, offers, and product mix to meet clients’ core needs in this unique period is a game-changer.

The potential to sell retreats, gift vouchers, and New Year programs is unparalleled, and those savvy enough will seize this opportunity with both hands.

Our recent coaching call, attended by 45+ clients, unveiled exciting December and New Year strategies. They’re not just positioned to dominate the rest of 2023 but are also gearing up for a stellar 2024.

I implore you to cultivate the right mindset, craft and implement a winning strategy, and watch your festive season unfold abundantly