Did you know that it is 7x easier to sell to an existing client than it is to acquire a new client?

The cost of acquiring new clients is skyrocketing and that is why ‘increasing the yield’ per client is one of the best strategies you can adopt if you want to grow your fitness business.

In many cases, clients will happily pay more to get more accountability, support, resources, and better results.

So, what are the different products and services you could potentially introduce into your business?

Here are 22 different products and services that our 150+ clients are using with great success:

1.  Semi-Private Coaching

2. Team Training

3. 1:1 Personal Training

4. Hybrid Coaching – A combination of face and online delivery

5. Online Training

6. Accountability Program

7. Nutrition Coaching

8. Kids Classes

9.  Corporate Health

10. Movement Restoration Program

11. Retreats

12. Clothing

13.  Supplements

14.  Meals

15.  Specific Programs – Mindset, pre-post-natal and event specific

16.  Sporting Teams

17.  Reformer Pilates (Booming)

18.  Recovery Services including Sauna, ice baths and compression boots (booming)

19.  Seminars/Workshops

20.  Transformation Challenges

21.  Meal Plans

22.  NDIS focused programs


I would strategically choose 1 profit layer per quarter to introduce into your business.

The result will be a more profitable, diversified and resolute business.