Here’s your weekly hit of 5-Bullet Friday, a roundup of what’s been on my mind and what I’m diving into:

1.You Can’t Win Playing Defence

In the competitive arena of business, playing a defensive game—slashing costs, skimping on marketing, and shying away from growth opportunities—won’t lead you to victory.

Success demands an offensive strategy, embracing bold moves to captivate and secure new clients.

It’s about committing with fervor to the initiatives that drive customer acquisition and propel your business forward.

2. The 40% Rule

While training for a marathon and absorbing the lessons from David Goggins’ ‘Can’t Hurt Me’, I’ve latched onto the 40% Rule.

This concept teaches that when you think you’re at your limit, you’re only at 40% of your capacity.

It’s a mental barrier, not a physical one.

This principle also applies in business, when we face the urge to quit, remembering the 40% Rule can drive us to push through and uncover the remaining 60% effort we have in reserve.

3. Stay Ahead of the Trends

The latest 2024 fitness trends are in from the American College of Sports Medicine….

Topping the chart is wearable technology.

Clients’ needs have extended well beyond a simple training or exercise session.

The 2nd major is ‘worksite health promotion’.

Employers are quickly realising the importance of wellness KPI’s, and this is a major driver for performance and retention of team members.

The third big trend is ‘Fitness Programs for Older Adults’.

The need for specialised services for Australia’s ageing population is greater than ever

4.Chat GPT Prompt for KILLER Content Ideas

Please act as a social media expert and strategist for my fitness business.

I help [person/avatar] [solve these problems], [get these results] so they can [achieve greater goals and desires].

My ideal client is [this type of person] with [desires, needs or characteristics]

Please generate 20 of the top topics related to my niche, that I should make content about to attract my ideal client.

5.The Quote I’m Pondering….

When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears. – Tony Robbins