Here’s your weekly hit of 5-Bullet Friday, a roundup of what’s been on my mind and what I’m diving into

1. Choose your Path: ‘Design or Default’

Your business and life will either happen by design or default… The choice is up to you.

If you don’t like the hours you are working, the income you are making, the clients you are working with then start designing a life that does align with your ideals.

2. 1-3-1 Rule

I had to speak to my team this week as they were coming to me with problems that they wanted me to resolve.

I don’t need problems, I need solutions.

So, I shared the 1-3-1 rule that I learned from Dan Martell

For every problem, they should present three possible solutions and one recommended action.

This has been a gamechanger and it empowers my team to be solution focused

3. The Power List

Most people I speak to are busy, but very few of them are productive.

One simple framework I have several of my clients complete is the ‘Power List’.

Each night, they’re tasked with identifying three professional and three personal priorities for the following day and sharing them with me.

This simple yet effective strategy ensures that every action is a step toward their broader goals

4. Trying Doesn’t Pay the Bills

If you are falling short in your attempts to grow your business, increase your wealth or enhance your health and your excuse is ‘I am trying hard’ then you will be doomed to fail.

Trying hard is a weak ass excuse for failing and all it does is let yourself off the hook.

Results not excuses, solutions not problems, outcomes not intentions.

5. The Quote I’m Pondering….

“Being average is the easiest thing in the world. Living your life to the fullest is the hardest.”. – Andy Frisella

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