Are you curious about what sets great leaders apart from the rest? In this episode of Profit Made Simple, coach Dan Henderson, a fitness business coach, discusses the six pillars of leadership that can transform your professional and personal life.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About…


Self-leadership is the cornerstone of all leadership. Coach Dan emphasises that you can’t lead others until you can lead yourself. He discusses the importance of being intentional, self-aware, and reflective in your actions. This is the first step towards becoming a leader who can inspire and guide others effectively.

Extreme Ownership

The concept of extreme ownership is about taking full responsibility for all outcomes. Coach Dan explains that everything is your fault as a leader. He encourages leaders to own the outcome and learn from their mistakes. This level of accountability is crucial in leadership as it fosters a culture of responsibility and growth.

Emotional Resilience

Emotional resilience is your ability to manage stress and bounce back from adversity. Coach Dan shares personal anecdotes and practical tips on how to develop emotional resilience through physical challenges and stress management. Being emotionally resilient allows leaders to navigate through challenges and maintain their composure during stressful situations.


Decisiveness is about making prompt decisions and living with the consequences. Coach Dan advises leaders to set deadlines for themselves, not to over analyse, and to break down big decisions into smaller chunks. A decisive leader is able to make informed decisions quickly and effectively, which is essential in a fast-paced business environment.

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is about being open to learning and growing. Coach Dan discusses the characteristics of a growth-minded person, emphasising that the more they know, the more they realise what they don’t know. Leaders with a growth mindset are always learning, adapting, and striving to improve, which drives innovation and progress.

In conclusion, mastering these six pillars of leadership is not a finite journey but a continuous process of refinement and development. By implementing and applying these principles, you can become the best leader you can be. This transformation extends beyond your professional life, impacting your personal life too. Embrace this journey of leadership growth and witness the profound changes it can bring about in your life.

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