It’s not easy juggling 3 kids and 3 businesses…

There are a host of demands, team members to manage and countless tasks to be completed.

It is why I became a time management ninja and in my latest YouTube video, I share the 5 fame changing strategies that have revolutionised my life…


You can watch the video HERE.


 In just 6 minutes, you will learn the following:

Learn to Delegate: Discover the art of delegation – a game-changer for both business and personal life. I share my rule: only do what you love and what aligns with your genius.

Manage Your Energy: Uncover the power of your “magic time” for deep, impactful work. Don’t let meetings and reactive tasks steal this sacred time.

Plan with Purpose: I spill my weekly planning ritual that sets the tone for a focused week ahead. Plus, my daily rule that ensures I never leave the office in chaos.

Time Chunking: Unlock the secrets of time chunking to 10x your productivity. Singular focus, no distractions – you won’t believe how much you can achieve.

Parkinson’s Law: Use Parkinson’s Law to your advantage. Set deadlines and commit to projects with optimistic timeframes – watch your productivity soar.


Watch the full video here.


Time is your most valuable asset – let’s spend it wisely.