Ready to take your fitness business to the next level with insights from one of the industry’s brightest innovators?

Our latest episode of “Profit Made Simple” features none other than Lachie Rawston from ‘Locker Room’ and The Mind Muscle Project.

Locker Room has been featured in the ‘Australian Financial review’ and is Australia’s most exclusive gym.

Lachie has been making waves in the fitness world, and this episode is packed with game-changing insights you won’t want to miss.

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Here’s what we dive into:

✅ The journey from CrossFit athlete to elite fitness entrepreneur

✅ Key strategies for transforming a struggling business model

✅ The importance of niche marketing and targeting high-value clients

✅ Lessons in resilience, adaptation, and continuous innovation

✅ Insights on hiring top talent and creating a high-performance team

Lachie shares his experience of turning adversity into opportunity and offers invaluable lessons on how to stay ahead in the ever-evolving fitness industry.

Whether you’re looking to pivot your business model, attract premium clients, or build a world-class team, this episode is a goldmine of actionable advice.

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