Susanna Parkinson had HUGE dreams and was working tirelessly to make them a reality…

However, the progress was slow, the journey was lonely, and she didn’t how long she could keep going…

Her vision of being ‘The Leader of Men’s and Women’s only programs in Adelaide’ was becoming a fantasy and unlikely to happen unless something changed.

She reached out to me but had serious reservations about moving forward…

She doubted herself, the industry, and the empty promises from previous coaching programs.

She reluctantly and nervously rolled the dice and started in our Elite program with supercoach Bec Anderson.


For a business owner to realise their potential, they need the following:

1. A strategic plan that gives them a clear roadmap of EXACTLY what they need to do and should be focusing on so they can have a business and not a job.

2.  A community of growth minded, collaborative and passionate fitness business owners that encourage, inspire and uplift.

3.  Confidence in themselves that they CAN do this, and nothing will get in their way.

4.  Accountability from someone they respect and don’t want to disappoint


This is exactly what Bec, and the Elite program delivered…


In addition, Bec helped Susanna:


➡️ Create a marketing plan that has 5 consistent lead flows so there is a plethora of leads every week

➡️ With hiring and new team member onboarding systems so only world class people joined

➡️ Developed systems so the business could expand, and the client experience only got better


The results…


⚡Grown the business from 75 to 135 members

⚡Expanded the offering to 22 sessions across 4 outdoor locations

Grown the team

⚡Built an incredible community where the vibes and sessions are electric!


We are so happy for you Susanna and know this is just the beginning 🚀