I was a struggling, burnt-out personal trainer that loved helping people but had NO idea about business…

This lack of business acumen almost resulted in me leaving the industry until I discovered a better way…

I transitioned from a personal trainer to a business operator

In time, I went from the verge of burnout to building four thriving fitness businesses.

Yet, it pained me to see brilliant coaches exit the industry, succumbing to the very struggles I had overcome.

That’s when ‘Fitness Profit’ was born, with a singular, unwavering mission:

“To empower fitness business owners to make the leap from Coach to CEO and craft the life they’ve always envisioned.”

So, how we do we accomplish this mission?

There are 3 main ways:

1. Premier Free Content

Our goal? To offer free resources that outshine the paid ones elsewhere.

We value your time and commit to delivering only the highest quality information.

  • Weekly Facebook Live Sessions: Join our Fitness Business Accelerator group for high-level business growth discussions every Tuesday at 12 pm AEST. Get access HERE
  • Top-tier YouTube Training: Our professional media team ensures that each week’s video provides actionable strategies to boost your income, impact, and freedom. Access HERE
  • Monthly Masterclass: Following last month’s successful virtual masterclass, we’re continuing to dive deep into growth strategies with a new session every month.

2. Tailored Coaching Programs

Our coaching services will help you build the business of your dreams…

  •  Elite Program: Transition from a coach to a thriving business owner, gaining freedom and growth. If you want to grow your business whilst working less then this may be for you…
  • Accelerate Program: For solo operators eager to master sales and marketing, aiming for a profitable 6-figure business.
  • Academy: This is where we run the marketing for you and teach you all of our secrets so you can outperform any marketing agency in the world

Interested in elevating your business with our coaching?

Simply reply with ‘Coaching Details,’ and we’ll get you more details.


3. Inspirational Events

Your network is your net worth.

Engage with industry leaders and like-minded professionals at our flagship ‘Fitness Business Summit’ on March 23-24.

Discover more about the event and secure your spot HERE

Excited to help you achieve more income, impact and freedom in 2024