My dad was a great role model when it came to business in many ways…

His work ethic was unrivalled, but he also shared some advice that did not serve me for many years…

‘If you want to do anything right, then you need to do it yourself’

This advice limited my ability to systemise, delegate and build a team.

It meant I was stuck ‘owning a job’ and was burning myself out to grow the business.

Contrastingly, the best advice I ever received stands in stark opposition

‘Life gets better as your business grows’

I used sabotage my growth potential as I associated more growth with increased stress, longer hours, and a more complex life.

However, this advice helped me realise that the opposite is in fact true.

A bigger business means doing more of things I love both personally and professionally, serving more people and evolving as a person.

Now, I’m curious—what’s the best and worst advice you’ve encountered on your business journey?