Two of my favourite thought leaders are James Clear and Tim Ferriss.


They both share a simple yet profound e-mail on a weekly basis that is a collection of thoughts, tools, tactics, and other insights.


They have inspired this e-mail format and I hope you enjoy the regular dose of wisdom and inspiration every Friday.


1. People Buy People


We are in a service-based industry and that is why it’s important to showcase your personality, values, likes and dislikes.

This will lead to you attracting the right people into your business and repelling those that don’t resonate.


Your content needs to give an insight who you are beyond the business.


2.  When Others Zig, you Zag


There is a LOT of copycat marketing right now in the world of paid ads.


Everyone is doing the same thing and therefore they fail to stand out.

I recently created a campaign with a client where we did something unique and simple and the results have been insane…

You can check it out here:


3.  A Holiday isn’t a Luxury, it’s a Necessity


I have just come back from 7 days in Fiji at the amazing Kokomo Resort.


Escaping the relentless pace of business to you can reflect and reenergise is vital if you want to unleash new levels of creativity, inspiration, and insight.


Do you have your next holiday booked in?


4. Life Gets Better as your Business Grows


Many people limit their business growth as they are concerned more clients and team members will add complexity and stress.


If you build a business with great systems and amazing people, then life gets easier.

You make more money, transform more lives, and can choose tasks that you love to do within the business.


5. Growth isn’t Just Necessary for Expansion. Growth is Necessary for Survival


If your business isn’t growing, then you aren’t growing.


Your business reflects you and growth is a core human need that must be prioritised.