I believe the greatest regret in life is unfulfilled potential.


You let fear, scarcity, comfort as well as your own limiting beliefs stop you from embracing uncertainty, taking risks, and putting yourself out there.


That was not the case with Jake Whitney and Davina from Point Blank Fitness


Jake knew he had an amazing product and great community, but he was only scratching the surface with his potential.


So, he took a risk, embraced the unknown and opened his dream facility….


He also knew that he would need assistance and reached out to me to see if we could help him…


Super coach Jen Collins and Jake have been working closely for the last few months and the results have been impressive:


⚡️ Added 40+ new clients whilst doing all the sales and delivery

⚡️ Hired an amazing team member so he can have every Friday off

⚡️ Completed a new fit out complete on his dream facility

⚡️ Became a productivity machine after incorporating our LEAD Formula and Perfect Week Formula

⚡️ Taking time off over Christmas while keeping his facility open, earning $ and servicing clients for the first time ever. This is a Business!


You don’t want to ever experience regret.


If you know you are capable of more and there is untapped potential that hasn’t been brought to life, then take the necessary steps to seeing that realised.


Don’t settle for mediocrity. It’s time to showcase your brilliance to the world.