There is a brilliant model that has propelled me to build two 7-figure businesses successfully.


It is called the “5 1’s,”. The model was created by Lead Pages founder Clay Collins, and it simplifies the path to a $1 million business.  


It addresses the 4 key components to a highly profitable business. These are:


✅ 1 Product/Service

✅ 1 Target Market

✅ 1 Acquisition System

✅ 1 Conversion System


When these 4 components are optimised then you will achieve the 5th 1, a 1 million $$$ business.


In my latest YouTube video, I break down the strategies and best practices for each component.


🎬 Watch the Full Video:


Each ‘1’ is a crucial piece in the puzzle.


Once you enhance each piece, then you will be on the path to building a thriving 7 figure business.