Being an amazing coach and having a great product doesn’t guarantee success.

You can be the world’s best secret if you don’t learn how to market, sell, and position yourself.


This is what Paul and Frankie from ‘Pretty Top Team’ were before they joined our Elite coaching program in November.


For ANY fitness business to thrive, you need the following in place:


1. An Irresistible Offer that attracts your perfect client and makes it easy for them to commit

2. An Acquisition System that brings quality prospects into your business every day

3. A simple Conversion System that makes the sale easy and seamless


Rebecca Anderson, our superstar coach, worked closely with Paul and Frankie to supercharge their business.

The results speak for themselves 📈

⚡ Adding 2k a week in recurring revenue with no signs of slowing down

⚡ 45 new members

⚡ Expanded their space so they can now offer wrestling and other services

⚡ Consistent lead generation with an average of 20 leads per week


If your business hasn’t optimised your Irresistible Offer, Acquisition System or Conversion System and you feel like the world’s best kept secret, then reply ‘SECRET’ and let’s chat about how we can change that.


Don’t settle for mediocrity. It’s time to showcase your brilliance to the world.