Ever wondered how some entrepreneurs always seem one step ahead, capitalising on trends before they become mainstream? In this enlightening podcast episode, host Dan Henderson speaks with Charley Valher, the CEO of Valher Media, a dynamic advertising agency boasting a team of over 80 individuals. Charley has honed the skill of identifying and leveraging business trends, and in this episode, he help you understand how you can do the same for your fitness business.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About…

The Shift from a Career in Plumbing to Online Advertising

Charley shares his unique journey from a career in plumbing to online advertising. He discusses the importance of being ahead of the curve and capitalising on trends before they hit the mainstream. This shift wasn’t just a career change, but a strategic move to position himself in a growing industry.

The Importance of Recurring Revenue

Charley emphasises the significance of recurring revenue in business. He explains how having a steady stream of income each month can provide a solid foundation for business growth and financial freedom. This approach ensures a predictable cash flow, enabling better financial planning and stability.

The Role of Property Investment

Charley talks about his strategic approach to property investment. He shares how he has used the profits from his business to invest in property, creating a diversified portfolio that provides him with financial security. This strategy has allowed him to build wealth outside his business, further enhancing his financial freedom.

The Power of a Strong Team

Charley highlights the importance of having a strong team in business. He explains how having a team of skilled individuals can help a business to operate more efficiently and effectively. By delegating tasks to experts in their fields, he’s able to focus on strategic decision-making and business growth.

The Impact of Technology Learning on Advertising

Charley discusses the impact of technology learning on online advertising. He shares how advancements in technology are changing the way businesses advertise online, making it more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve. As algorithms become more sophisticated, businesses need to adapt their strategies to stay competitive.

In conclusion, this episode highlights the power of embracing business trends for success, as demonstrated by Charley’s journey. His story serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs and individuals seeking financial freedom, emphasising the importance of staying informed about emerging trends and being adaptable. This adaptability and foresight can propel your business and personal wealth to new heights.

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